Host a static site using Linode Object Storage

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Static site generators are a popular solution for creating simple, fast, flexible, and attractive websites that are easy to update. Traditionally, these static HTML files would be served by a web server (like NGINX or Apache) running on a Linode. Using Object Storage to host your static site files means you do not have to worry about maintaining your site’s infrastructure. By

Object Storage provides an HTTP REST gateway to objects, which means a unique URL over HTTP is available for every object. Once your static site is built, making it available publicly over the Internet is as easy uploading files to an Object Storage bucket.

The article is split into these sections:

  • Why host a static site on Object Storage?
  • Install the Hugo Static Site Generator
  • How to create a Hugo Site
  • Upload your static site to Linode Object Storage

After uploading your static site to Linode Object Storage, you may want to use a custom primary domain for your site. To do this, you can add a CNAME entry to your domain’s DNS records that aliases it to your Object Storage bucket’s website URL. It’s possible to trigger automatic deployments to the Object Storage service when you push new content updates to GitHub or GitLab.

Straightforward tutorial how tp create your first static website with Hugo and Linode Object Storage. Links to further reading and resources also provided. Good read!

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