How to connect R to Google Sheets using googlesheets4

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Manipulating data in sheets can be a tedious task, but if you have at least a bit of a programmer inside you, you can make your work with Google sheets much easier. How – you ask? By connecting R to Google sheets using the googlesheets4 package provided by tidyverse. By Zuzanna.

This article will show you how to easily connect to your Google account, download data from Google spreadsheets to the dataframe in R, create a new sheet, as well as add new records, overwrite data, and delete individual columns.

  • Connect R to Google Sheets
  • Read Google sheets with R
  • Create Google sheets with R
  • Write Google sheets with R
  • Summary

Googlesheets4 is the tidyverse library that allows integrating R workspaces with Google Sheets to enable data manipulation (reading, creating, and writing) in the R environment. As the official googlesheets4 documentation states, it is a reboot of a previous package called googlesheets. Nice read!

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