How to Build a chatbot for SAP Analytics Cloud with SAP Conversational AI

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In this straightforward tutorial, we’ll learn how to create an SAP Analytics Cloud chatbot with SAP Conversational AI, and SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) Custom Widget. By Ferry Djaja.

The goal of this tutorial is to enable the users to interact and add the chatbot interface in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), Analytics Application. The bot will reply with the answer by updating the Analytics Application UI elements like a chart, widget, table, etc. For our case, we’ll design the bot to update the table based on the user’s question.

SAP Analytics chat bot flow diagram


The tutorial then gives detailed instructions on:

  • Flow Diagram
  • SAP Analytics Cloud Custom Widget
  • SAP Conversational AI Bot Development
  • Bot Server
  • SAP Analytics Cloud, Analytics Application
  • Usage

This step by step tutorial with loads of screen shots and explanations what yuo are doing during chat bot building process. You will also get video demo and links to further reading and resources. Great!

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