How can we fix the data science talent shortage?

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Data science might just be the most buzzed-about job in tech right now, but its pop culture sheen conceals some of the harsh realities of being a fresh graduate in the industry. By Kindra Cooper.

The job topped LinkedIn’s yearly Emerging Jobs Report from 2016 to 2019 consecutively (it is now at #3). But when Springboard data science alum Kristen Colley started hunting for her first data science job in 2019, most companies were not interested in her data science credentials. “When I started rebranding myself as a data analyst with the ability to handle machine learning problems, that’s when the opportunities started coming in,” she said.

The article then pays attention to:

  • A high barrier to entry
  • Why are data science roles in such high demand?
  • A talent shortage and a tight labor market
  • How is the industry responding?

“I think that’s where the industry’s headed: it’s not about having a million proficient data scientists that can come up with the entire ETA from model creation to implementation,” said Colley. “It’s more about having software engineers that understand enough to implement these autoML techniques.”

The talent shortage in data science isn’t a simple matter of not enough people training to become data scientists. In fact, there’s an “experience” gap that tends to be built into highly practical professions with a steep learning curve like software engineering, where education is a weak substitute for real-world experience. Very good!

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