How autoscaling GitLab CI works on AWS Fargate

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Run your CI jobs as AWS Fargate tasks with GitLab Runner and the Fargate Driver. Autoscaling GitLab Runner is a unique value proposition for teams that run their self-managed build agents on cloud-hosted virtual machines. By Darren Eastman.

GitLab Runner + AWS Fargate driver and the CI build container


GitLab Runner autoscaling responds to demand by provisioning new cloud-hosted virtual machines with Docker and GitLab Runner. When demand is lower, any additional virtual machines above the configured minimum size are de-provisioned. However, while this model of automatically provisioning and terminating virtual machine instances continues to be useful for a vast plethora of use cases, customers also want to take advantage of the capabilities of cloud container orchestration solutions for executing GitLab CI/CD jobs.

The article then walks you over:

  • So how does it work? (Custom executor)
  • So how does it work?
  • Limitations
  • Getting Started

With the release of the GitLab Runner AWS Fargate driver, we provide the most diverse set of options in the industry for executing CI pipeline jobs in an autoscaling configuration. These options now include cloud-delivered virtual machines, AWS EC2, Google GCP, Azure Compute, and container orchestration platforms: AWS EKS, AWS ECS + Fargate, and Google Kubernetes. Excellent read!

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