Apache Cassandra: An essentials guide

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Need to get up to speed on Cassandra and learn how it can benefit your software development practices? These are the essentials that cover the basics. By Rebecca Mills, Developer Relations @ DataStax.

Apache Cassandra is an extremely powerful NoSQL database used by Apple, CERN, GitHub, Instagram, Netflix, Reddit and over 1500 more companies with large, active data sets. Recent developments have made it much easier for developers to use, including the creation of Kubernetes Operators and “as a service” options.

In this article, we explain Cassandra’s approach, architecture, key concepts, and primary use cases – and demonstrate the reasons why so many people want to adopt it.

The article is split into these sections:

  • Cassandra as a NoSQL database
  • Distribution provides power and resilience
  • Want more power? Add more nodes
  • Introducing Partitions
  • Replication ensures reliability and fault tolerance
  • Tuning your consistency

Ultimately, Cassandra is deployment agnostic. It doesn’t care where you put it – on prem, a cloud provider, multiple cloud providers. You can use a combination of those for a single database. Nicely done!

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