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Shaivya Easwaren published this 4th article in the series about self-healing as the solution for ensuring site reliability in modern day enterprises with ultra-dynamic workloads. In the previous blogs of the series, we have seen the various issues that typically plague such environments, how AIOps and self-healing tools help resolve these issues, particularly how Heal helps by monitoring the Four Golden Signals for SRE.

The article then explains:

  • Issues in SAP Monitoring
  • How do AIOps Tools help?
  • Smart Automation for Ops Monitoring Readiness
  • Self-Healing – the “Extra” Element for Ops Readiness and SRE
  • How Heal for SAP Works

The Heal SAP agent collects various metrics from the environment, including:

  • Discovery & Configuration: Landscape discovery information and configuration details for services
  • Workloads: User workload, Datacenter processes, end user transactions, batch jobs (background workload)
  • Component Metrics: Relevant performance metrics from SAP application servers, databases and hosts (using Heal Component Agent)
  • Logs

Although the blog today mentions the Heal SAP agent, you can even try out the Heal Agentless Edition with our ingestion API to stream your existing monitoring data into Heal’s MLE for deriving insights. Good read!

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