Hands-on learning lab: Stream Google Cloud data into Splunk Cloud

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If you haven’t tried it yet, Google Cloud Skills Boost provides hands-on educational experiences so you can learn what you need to know about operating in the cloud. Labs from Google Cloud Skills Boost give users more than just a sandbox environment. By Brian Farnham.

Users get to pick experiences ranging from short, 30-minute labs all the way up to multi-day quests to help them tailor learning to their specific needs. Now, the “Getting Started with Splunk Cloud Getting Data In (GDI) on Google Cloud” hands-on-lab is available to take you through core scenarios for data ingestion and data input in Google Cloud, enabling you to get practical, hands-on experience for all scenarios in just 90 minutes or less.

The lab also guides you through managing the following Google Cloud resources:

  • Log Sinks
  • Cloud Storage buckets
  • Pub/Sub topics and subscriptions
  • Dataflow pipelines

This hands-on-lab provides a full-stack practice experience with Splunk on Google Cloud as part of data ingestion and processing. If you’re interested in getting started, please follow this guide: Getting Started with Splunk Cloud GDI on Google Cloud. Excellent read!

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