Four tactics to build Twitter followings for open source communities

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If you work in a role related to marketing, you’ve probably heard of brand personality, the human characteristics companies use to market themselves and their products. On Twitter, it’s fast food giant Wendy’s claim to fame, and it even drives impact on many of Red Hat’s own social accounts. By Alana Fialkoff.

Let’s explore how our Twitter journey can help you grow thriving open source socials of your own:

  • Think of everything you know about branded social media, then open source it
  • Crowdsource your gameplan
  • Define Twitter as your open source sitting room: a place for informal and informative conversation
  • Use community values to categorize your content
  • Foster inclusive and impactful timeline experiences
  • Prepare to evolve your strategy with your followers

Open surveys and community meetings left us with a list of community-generated adjectives to describe our design system’s open source community. Based on these insights, they shaped their new Twitter voice to be: Collaborative and curious, fun and friendly, informative and inviting.

Evolve your social media strategy with community voices at the heart of everything you do — cultivating enthusiastic, engaging, and empowering timeline experiences one tweet, like, and share at a time. Interesting!

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