Fitness data needs an AI revolution

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As smart watches and other wearables provide users with sensors to monitor their fitness and health, they are generating a treasure trove of data. But whether all of this information actually contributes to a healthier society is up for debate. By Nicole Ferraro.

“Smart watches are growing the fastest and providing more value to end users because the amount of data you can get is fundamental to help you monitor your healthcare,”

Francisco Jeronimo, VP, European Devices, IDC

The main content is split into:

  • Sensors driving adoption
  • Too much data, not enough insight
  • Addressing data inequality
  • For better insights, make it personal
  • Toward even smarter wearables

To address data inequality and provide more meaningful insights for all users, researchers say that companies working on wearables will need to offer a comprehensive analysis of health metrics, along with personalized behavioral motivators. Good read!

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