Firebase -- Short introduction for beginners

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In the current tech world, Firebase is one of the most trending technologies that help you to make a super cool web app or mobile apps in a short span of time. Firebase is a BaSS (backend as a service) provided by Google. By Sm0ke.

Firebase provides all the tools and the stuff that you will need to make your web app or mobile Applications. Some of the services that usually need to develop or configure while making some app are to configure servers, manage hosting, manage user authentication, write the crud operation logic for our app, storage, push notifications and the list goes on.

Firebase provides you the backed SDK for managing the database. You can easily do the CRUD operation with the help of this SDK, but sometimes you have to write your own backend logic, this is where the Firebase cloud functions helps. Just write your backend code and deploy it as the cloud functions and call your code with the help of https service as you called the simple API.

The article then explains:

  • Firebase Realtime - real time database
  • Firestore Database
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Hosting Service
  • Firebase Storage
  • Cloud functions
  • Firebase ML Kit

And on top of it all you will also get a little demo project with screen shots and example code and instructions how to connect it to Google Analytics. Good read!

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