Demystifying Ansible for Linux sysadmins

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Taking the labor out of labor-intensive tasks is what Ansible is all about. Learn the basics here. By Pratheek Prabhakaran.

The life of a sysadmin involves installation, configuration, performing regular system upgrade and maintenance activities, provisioning, system monitoring, vulnerability mitigation, troubleshooting issues, and much more. Many sysadmin actions consist of step-by-step tasks performed methodically. So how can we make the life of a sysadmin easier?

Ansible is an open source automation engine. It is easy to deploy and use because you do not need any special coding skills to use Ansible for automation. It uses a playbook to describe automation jobs using Yet Another Markup Language (YAML).

The article is divided into:

  • Automate to accelerate
  • Why Ansible?
  • How does Ansible work?
  • Ansib-Lingo
  • Use cases for sysadmin

This article gives you a brief introduction and overview of the concepts and terms associated with Ansible. You will get links to further reading. Good one!

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