Agile approach to change management

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In the wake of Covid-19, organizations are fundamentally rethinking their product and service portfolios, reinventing their supply chains, pursuing large-scale organizational restructuring and digital transformation, and rebuilding to correct systemic racism from the ground up. Traditional change management process won’t cut it. The author borrows from agile software development processes to reinvent the change management playbook. By Sarah Jensen Clayton.

The business world has arguably seen more disruption in the last nine months than in the last nine years, bringing new and urgent demand for change.

The main points:

  • Declare your change vision
  • Empower the people who are best positioned to drive change from the beginning
  • Encourage self-organizing teams to supplement your efforts
  • Use internal social channels and influencers to drive employee awareness and engagement
  • Embrace a “test-and-learn” approach
  • Shift from long-term to short-term accountability

Formal adoption of agile may or may not be right for your organization but now is the time to consider how to make change management work faster and harder. If we know anything for certain in this moment, it’s that more change is coming. Good read!

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