Create your first AWS Lambda using Rust

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Blog post by Konstantin Kostov about how he created serverless function in Rust programming language and deployed it to AWS. It was an example AWS Lambda function tasked with checking if a provided serial number is correct and that it is unique (not already part of an existing dataset).

Tutorial takes you through:

  • Implementing the Rust function
    • various validation rules
  • Integrating with AWS Lambda
    • Adding external crates
    • Implementing the AWS Lambda Handler
    • Building for the AWS Linux environment
    • Publishing the executable
    • Testing our Rust function

The article is sprinkled with explanatory screen grabs, command line snippets and example code.

Author added also few unit tests to make sure everything works in the way we expect. One of the favorite aspects of Rust is that it encourages inline unit testing, that is keeping the code and the corresponding unit tests very close together.

You will get everything needed to deploy it to AWS and enjoy serverless Rust runtime! Exciting!

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