Containerized Python development

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Developing Python projects in local environments can get pretty challenging if more than one project is being developed at the same time. Bootstrapping a project may take time as we need to manage versions, set up dependencies and configurations for it. By Anca Iordache

A good way to do this is to create isolated development environments for each project. This can be easily done by using containers and Docker Compose to manage them. Author covered this in a series of blog posts, each one with a specific focus.

Content of this guide:

  • Containerize a Python service
  • Dockerfile
  • Development Best Practices for Dockerfiles
  • Multi-stage builds

Although multi-stage builds may not be really useful during development time, they covered it quickly as it is interesting for shipping the containerized Python application once development is done. Links to best practices and further reading also included. And definitely folow the link to part two of the article. Excellent read!

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