Build a full-stack React app with zero configuration

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Building a modern frontend application typically requires a lot of tooling. Think Babel, webpack, Parcel, Rollup etc. There’s a reason module bundlers are so popular. By Ohans Emmanuel.

There are lots of great tools to help simplify the process of beginning a new frontend project. If you’re even vaguely familiar with React, then you must have used create-react-app (unless you’ve been coding under a rock). It’s easy and convenient. Opinionated, yes, but it takes away a lot of the painful setup you may have had to do on your own.

So, what does author means by zero configuration? In this article, he’ll walk you through building a full-stack React app with Node.js on the backend, and we will do this without writing any configurations! No webpack, no complex setups — none. Nada. Zilch. The tool that avails us this ease is called Zero. Also known as Zero Server, it prides itself as a zero–configuration web framework.

The article covers following:

  • The full-stack application
  • Installation and getting started with Zero
  • How routing works in Zero Server
  • Folder structure for your Zero app
  • Ignoring files with a .zeroignore file
  • Building the homepage
  • Global centralized page configurations
  • Customizing the 404 pages
  • Server-side development with Zero

These are the basics of getting a full-stack app built with Zero. Author strongly recommends checking out the official docs for cases he may not have mentioned in this article. The premise of Zero is particularly impressive, largely because of the varying file formats supported on the fronted and backend — React, Vue, Svelte, all the way to Python. Excellent source of info!

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