Angular push notifications: complete step-by-step guide

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In this post, we are going to go through a complete example of how to implement Web Push Notifications in an Angular Application using the Angular Service Worker. By Angular University.

Note that these are the exact same native notifications that we receive for example on our mobile phones home screen or desktop, but they are triggered via a web application instead of a native app. When well used, Push notifications are a great way of having our users re-engage with our application.

You will also learn along the way how Push Notifications work in general, as we follow and explain the complete flow that a given notification follows.

The article content is split into:

  • How do Push Notifications work?
  • Browser Push Service Providers
  • What is a VAPID key pair?
  • generating a VAPID key pair using node webpush
  • Subscribing to Push Notifications
  • showing again the Allow/Deny Notifications popup
  • Understanding the PushSubscription object and its properties
  • How to use the Push Subscription?
  • Sending Push Notifications from a Node backend
  • Push Notifications In Action - Demo
  • Source Code + Github Running Example (complete Angular PWA)

When the Push service receives the message (e.g. Firebase Cloud Messaging), it will know to which browser instance to forward the message to based on the unique url of the endpoint. Please, also check a video channel with free Angular videos. Perfect!

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