5 reasons Elixir can be your competitive advantage

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Elixir is a relatively new programming language. Release of v1.0 was announced on September 18, 2014. Elixir has been trusted by several companies to be part of their toolset. Some of those well-known companies that publicly shared they use Elixir to build their products are Pinterest, PagerDuty and Wistia. By Elvio Vicosa.

The Elixir language and the Erlang eco-system have a special relationship with a number of industries, which have been relying on and benefiting from it: telecoms, banking, e-commerce, advertisement, instant messaging, IoT,

Elixir has the concept of Supervisors, which goes hand in hand with the “let it crash” idea. As the name implies, “supervisors” are used to supervise other processes. When a supervised process crashes, a “supervisor” kicks in and take measures to handle the crash.

The article main focus is on:

  • Battle-tested environment with modern features
  • Concurrency
  • Performance
  • Scalability
  • Fault-Tolerance

Elixir is a unique, powerful and productive language. It includes features that enable development teams to build distributed, fault-tolerant and highly-available systems. Good one!

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