10 ways to smarten up your customer experience

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CMO asks the experts for some practical tips for better customer experience management and optimisation. An article by Vanessa Mitchell (www.cmo.com.au).

Does CX begin with the customer? Or the product? Is it just customer service, or does it need to feature throughout the customer journey, beyond purchase? Or perhaps it even begins before all this?

It is well known brands concentrate on CX are more profitable, and enjoy more customer loyalty. But even with the statistics, switching a product-focused company to a customer-focused one takes a lot of work and stakeholder agreement.

Some practical tips to make it work for brands mentioned:

  • Discover first
  • Embrace the emotion
  • Define your strategy
  • Invest in technology
  • Build a bigger picture

… for more follow the link to the article. Some good advice here!

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