Working with AWS ECS to deploy docker containers

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Sriram Rajan article in which author looks at AWS ECS and how it can be used to deploy Docker containers. From a use-case perspective, ECS allows you to build a production-scale, auto-scaling and monitored platform for running these types of containers.

At a high level, ECS (Amazon EC2 Container Service) is a cluster management framework that provides management of EC2 (Elastic Compute) instances running as Docker Hosts. It includes a scheduler to execute processes/containers on EC2 instances and has constructs to deploy and manage versions of the applications.

Article focuses on:

  • ECS concepts
  • Preparation of security groups
  • Preparation of load balancer
  • How to prepare Docker images
  • How to build ECS cluster

Example code for everything mentioned above is provided. There is a lot more to ECS - happy reading.

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