Why I selected Elixir and Phoenix as my main stack

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This is just a personal journey documentation on how I decided to use my current tech stack. By Camilo.

Over the years I have tried different frameworks, mostly in PHP, like Code Igniter (2010), ProcessWire (2014) and Laravel (2015). They helped me complete different projects with diverse complexity. They are wonderful tools. But sadly most of the jobs I managed to land were using legacy versions of PHP and the codebase and developer experience was spartan to say the least.

I really loved the idea of LiveView and how it wasn’t needed a separate frontend framework to achieve a SPA like experience.

Author the dives into comparison of prons and cons for various frameworks and languages:

  • Vapor and Swift
  • Masonite and Python
  • Springboot and Java
  • Adonis.js and JavaScript
  • Elixir and Phoenix

Author also looked at the job market for each compared framework to assess his future job opportunities. A functional language took time for him to understand the conventions and workflows. It was like a whole new world. Interesting read!

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