What is green computing?

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Green computing, also called sustainable computing, aims to maximize energy efficiency and minimize environmental impact in the ways computer chips, systems and software are designed and used. By Rick Merritt.

Mobile users demand maximum performance and battery life. Businesses and governments increasingly require systems that are powerful yet environmentally friendly. And cloud services must respond to global demands without making the grid stutter.

The article makes a good job explaining:

  • Why is green computing important?
  • What are the elements of green computing?
  • What’s the history of green computing?
  • A pioneer in energy efficiency
  • A green computing benchmark
  • AI and networking get more efficient
  • What’s ahead in green computing?

… and more. Green computing hit the public spotlight in 1992, when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency launched Energy Star, a program for identifying consumer electronics that met standards in energy efficiency. In an effort to accelerate climate science, NVIDIA announced plans to build Earth-2, an AI supercomputer dedicated to predicting the impacts of climate change. It will use NVIDIA Omniverse, a 3D design collaboration and simulation platform, to build a digital twin of Earth so scientists can model climates in ultra-high resolution. Nice one!

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