What is GitOps and why it might be the next big thing for DevOps

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With containers comes a level of agility never before experienced in the world of business. An article by Jack Wallen explaining what GitOps is.

GitOps is a method of workflow that was conceptualized by “everyone who successfully did infrastructure-as-code … is the true creator of the concept of GitOps,” according to Priyanka Sharma, who is the director of technical evangelism at GitLab.

On the surface, it is quite simple. GitOps is centered around using a version control system (such as Git) to house all information, documentation, and code for a Kubernetes deployment, and then use automated directors to deploy changes to the cluster.

Article then deals with:

  • What is GitOps
  • How Does GitOps Work?
  • Why Should You Use GitOps?

First and foremost, GitOps makes your workflow far more efficient. On top of that, using GitOps makes passing SOC 2 compliance far more cost-efficient. And on the topic of saving money. Link to podcast is also included. Good read.

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