Build and publish PWA in 3 app stores. What I learned.

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Judah Gabriel wrote this post about his experience with PWA publishing. The article is about turning a web app into a Progressive Web App (PWA) and submitting it to 3 app stores requiring about a month of work, a few hundred dollars, and lots of red tape.

The article reads about:

  • Why even put your app in the app stores (it is web app after all)
  • Explains “horrible” brokenness of PWA for native phone capabilities
  • Lists the barriers to get app in the app store
  • App stores registration process
  • App packaging, building, submitting
  • App testing process
  • Submitting for app review

This is one lengthy tutorial explaining all the pain points you may encounter when submitting to the app stores (Apple, Google, Windows). Well worth your time!

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