Want to reduce service cost and resource waste? Start squeeze testing

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James Burns wrote this article about squeeze testing. The practice of “squeeze testing” exists to keep information about the performance requirements of a service up to date for a given traffic load.

For growing businesses, it’s normal to size deployments of services based on the intuitions of the development team involved. Almost all the time sizing includes some safety margin so that sudden spikes in demand don’t take down the service or wake up whoever is on call. Unfortunately, often these intuitions, even if correct at the beginning, don ’t stay up to date with changes in the service or its dependencies leading to both outages and unhelpful paging.

The article captures:

  • Squeeze testing prerequisites
  • Service observability prerequisites
  • Load balancing prerequisites

Squeeze testing, the process of understanding the behavior of a service with different traffic volumes or resource allocations, can reduce resource waste, ensure effective service scaling based on demand, and cut service costs. Good read!

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