Using Kong API Gateway with an event driven system to modernize legacy integrations

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Let’s talk API gateways and event based integration a bit. Amazon API gateway has been a pillar of serverless applications on AWS, it allows developers to manage API endpoints backed by Lambda functions or potentially other services. By Sebastien Goasguen.

Building REST APIs with serverless functions has truly empowered developers to deliver products faster in the Cloud. For enterprises with significant on-premises systems, there is no AWS API Gateway, but you have the Kong Gateway which allows you to do similar things. In this post, we are going to go one step beyond and show you how you can use the Kong Gateway to expose a REST API in front of an event driven integration. In other terms, front your asynchronous event flow with an API.

The article also pays attention to:

  • First, a REST Endpoint
  • Second, an IBM MQ Connector in Kubernetes
  • Finally, Add a Synchronizer and Transformations

Moving to the Cloud does not mean throwing away decades of enterprise efforts, performance optimization, workflows and system of records. You do not need to lift and shift everything at once. What you can definitely do is modernize your approach to software development and start bringing in new technologies to your entire software and infrastructure stack. Nice one!

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