Using JaCoCo as code coverage tool for Scala

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Straight to the point guide by Miles Buckley focusing on open source coverage tool for Java.

Code Coverage is a metric that measures what percentage of your code has been executed during unit and integration tests.

JaCoCo is a great open-source toolkit for code coverage measurements. JaCoCo was originally written for Java and runs on the JVM, but because it’s bytecode-based it works for Scala too. It also includes reports which can be extremely helpful when working with complex projects.

The guide explains how JaCoCo works to measure code coverage. How JaCoCo works to measure code coverage:

  • Instructions
  • Branches type
  • Cyclomatic Complexity metric
  • Lines
  • Methods type
  • Classes metric

You will also get information hor reports are generated and what metrics are available. Good work!

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