Using GitHub container registry in practice

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Exploring the new capabilities of GitHub Container Registry. Did you know that GitHub has launched the new GitHub Container Registry September 2020? By Kasun Rajapakse.

A Container Registry is a place to store and manage container images. These container images can be either Public and Private. The Public container images are accessible by anyone, whereas you can configure access control for Private container images.

Today most of the applications are running on the cloud. Major cloud providers support downloading container images from popular container registries to deploy applications on demand.

Here is what’s covered in this article:

  • Introduction to container registry
  • The new capabilities of GitHub Container Registry
  • How to migrate to GitHub Container Registry?
  • A use case — Deploying an Nginx webserver to Kubernetes with GitHub Actions, Kubernetes, and GitHub Container Registry

The new features of GitHub Container Registry includes:

  • Ability to store container images under your organization
  • Fine-grained permissions for the container images
  • Can access public container images anonymously

GitHub Container Registry allows organizations to seamlessly host and manage their container images with fine-grain permissions. It can store both Private and Public container images as well. You will also get a comparison between other container registries. Nice read!

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