Using Elixir and WhatsApp to fight COVID19

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Elixir enables companies to rapidly get a product to market with confidence that it can scale and handle considerable spikes in concurrent users. By Erlang Solutions.

I think what’s impressed us is just the ease of clustering of BEAM nodes. Many of you are working with Elixir or have been working with Elixir for, I don’t know how many years already. This is probably old news.

The story of’s COVID-19 helpline is a great example of this. Built in just 5 days, it scaled to 450,000 users before any public launch, and has grown to serve over 7.5 million people in South Africa. Learn more in our blog recap of Simon de Haan’s talk at ElixirConf EU Virtual.

The article walks you over:

  • Introduction
  • and apps healthcare apps
  • Launching COVID Connect in South Africa
  • An Elixir based app to support Mental Health
  • The stack

Authors come from a Python background and so was their team’s first production of Elixir environment. Some of these things that were, really hard problems in Python just don’t exist in Elixir. So simple things like publishing WebSockets via GraphQL subscriptions from any BEAM node are just so easy. It just feels almost unfair if you’re coming from an environment that doesn’t have that clustering idea built in. Excellent read!

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