Using Eleventy to host your blog

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Blogs don’t need to be dynamic. Technically, it doesn’t make sense to pull data out of a database when a page is requested. Instead, it makes more sense to create the pages (HTML) beforehand (during the build process). By Sahil Parikh.

The idea of the Jamstack movement made a lot of sense (even when you start thinking about security), and I started digging into the world of static site generators (SSGs).

In this article, author will cover what 11ty is, why is it gaining popularity, why I chose it for my blog and how you can get started by creating your very own blog using 11ty. Further, in the article:

  • What is Eleventy (11ty)?
  • Getting started with Eleventy
  • Creating a blog post with Eleventy

11ty has a growing community behind it, and there are tons of articles and how-tos on the web to follow along. Once I designed my blog with Eleventy, I used Tailwind CSS to style it and then hosted it on Netlify. If you are looking for an SSG that is not opinionated, simple, flexible, and fast, I would recommend you give 11ty a shot. Excellent starter point for anybody interested in Jamstack!

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