The ultimate (free) CI/CD for your open-source projects

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Yohan Lasorsa published this guide about how to approach your open source project development. If you plan to maintain an open-source project in the long run, what you must do is automate.

The worst way of losing time is when your automated builds are not working as intended: flakiness, unreliable builds, and cross-platforms issues can (will) drive you crazy. Pragmatism should be your main driver here, seek to get the job done for the least time invested.

Azure Pipelines gives you quite a lot for free compared to other solutions. It’s fast (offers 10 parallels workers per organization for open source tier).

The article then describes:

  • How to setup Azure Pipelines for an open-source project hosted on GitHub
  • Requirements, how to prepare your repository
  • Create the Azure DevOps project
  • Setup the pipeline, yaml config
  • Adding a build matrix

CI is one of the first things you should put in place in any open source project to simplify your life as a maintainer. Good read!

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