Introducing Twirp RPC framework for Golang

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Spencer Nelson published article in which he introduced an RPC framework they use for communication between backend servers written in Golang. It’s called Twirp, and it’s available now under an Apache 2 open source license.

He claimed that Twirp was tremendously success at Twitch due to its advantages over “REST” APIs or gRPC, its two closest competitors.

Twirp is a structured RPC framework, but with an emphasis on simplicity. It works on HTTP 1.1, chooses stability and modularity over an expansive feature set, and then gets out of the way.

Structured RPCs are much easier to design and maintain than URL-oriented REST APIs, as they let you focus on business logic instead of routing schemes.

Learn more, including what is so great about Twirp, why it is better than gRCP, how easy it is start – in this excellent article with code examples. It works even on command line.

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