Tracking and reminders in AWS Amplify

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A guide by Jan Hesters how to track which features your users use in AWS Amplify and send them emails, push-notifications and SMS based on their behavior.

In this tutorial, you are going to learn how you can use the analytics category from AWS Amplify together with AWS Pinpoint to understand and engage your users. With AWS Amplify, you can easily track your users’ activity. And AWS Pinpoint allows you to send them engaging, customized and relevant messages. With relevant what author means is being right about the conversation you have, the audience you target and the place and time you choose to interact.

The guide explains:

  • Set up – React Router and AWS amplify
  • Initializing Amplify
  • Auth
  • Routing
  • Tracking – including Custom Evenets, Auto Tracking, Endpoints
  • Set up email reminders

Nice and detailed guide which will get you running your infrastructure with AWS Amplify in less than 30 minutes. Well done!

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