Tour of Akka Typed: Message Adapters, Ask Pattern and Actor Discovery

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An article in series by Manuel Bernhardt in which he explores the basics of the Akka Typed API, why it was created and what are its benefits in comparison to the classic Actor API, how to build typed actor systems via protocols and behaviors and how to create typed actors.

The author continues to go further down the route of building typed actor systems by looking at fundamental concepts necessary for the interaction between actors. He is also using the functional style of the typed API to create the actor.

The article deals with:

  • Adapted Responses
  • The ask pattern
  • Discovering actors with the Receptionist
  • Concept comparison table

The ask pattern allows two actors to interact in such a way that there’s a 1 to 1 mapping between the request and the response. Since there’s no guarantee that the responding actor will in fact ever respond, the ask pattern requires to define a timeout after which the interaction is considered to fail.

Code examples are includes for you to test. Nice one!

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