Top 10 Angular best practices to improve your Angular app

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Despite all the compelling features offered by Angular, if you overlook your coding practices for the Angular code, there are chances of facing performance issues. By Archita Nayak.

Maintaining your code is very important, not only for Angular but any other framework, because it directly affects the output, and you surely don’t want a clumsy web app. In this blog – we will discuss Angular best practices to improve your Angular app performance instantly. Get knowledgeable on how to refine your Angular code with a clean code checklist in Angular.

The article then names these best practices to improve your Angular application performance:

  • Use Angular CLI
  • Make use of trackBy
  • Try avoiding the use of logic in the component
  • Use of lazy loading
  • Prevent memory leaks
  • Declaring variable types rather than using any
  • Angular coding practices

… and more. You should try to develop coding practices in any technology or framework, which enhance the performance, readability, and understandability of the application. Best applications are developed when developers focus on how to code and what not to code. Good read!

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