Terraform: Create AKS cluster

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While there are several ways to host container workloads in Azure, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) provides the easiest way to deploy Kubernetes for teams needing a full orchestration solution. By Jim Counts.

AKS seems to gain new features every week. Depending on your needs deploying a repeatable, consistent AKS configuration can be challenging. Infrastructure-as-Code tools like Terraform bring this complexity under control (source control, that is!) Let’s take a look at spinning up an AKS cluster using Terraform.

The AKS cluster in this guide supports the following features:

  • AKS-managed Azure Active Directory integration
  • Azure Monitor for Containers
  • Automatic AKS version upgrades
  • Separate node pools for user and system workloads
  • A system assigned managed cluster identity
  • Autoscaling node pools
  • Availability Zone Configuration
  • Azure Policy for Kubernetes

This is an extensive guide to AKS on Azure with loads of code examples and a detailed explanation of each step. Nicely done!

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