10 useful insights from IoT leaders in the trenches

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At Ericsson, they are fortunate enough to frequently work and speak with IoT leaders in the industry. Ericsson thrives on hearing what excites their partners most about IoT, what challenges they have faced, and if we can help solve any, and what they think the future will look like in the industry. On Ericsson blog.

Throughout recording the last 10 episodes of their IoT podcast, they gathered the insights from these conversations which are extensive, and compiled some favorites form each episode:

  • Focus on long-term success
  • Digital transformation is a company effort
  • The three key questions
  • Focus on the value, not the tech
  • Monetize data

We liked: Secure connectivity is the base business that operators offer customers. However, operators have an opportunity to climb the IoT value chain and grow their business into different verticals by leveraging their data.

For the full list and further resources links (including podcast) follow the link to the original article.

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