A sysadmin's guide to containerizing applications

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Curious how to containerize your Linux applications? Learn by example, and understand the challenges of various application types and how to overcome them. By Scott McCarty (Red Hat, Sudoer).

Author’s admission how he just couldn’t find time to convert his personal Linux services. So don’t feel bad if you are still staring, longingly, from afar, at other people’s fancy containerized services, as author has only recently gotten over the hump himself.

He wants to share his technical solution and break down his conscious design decisions. He hopes it will help you move your own services into containers. The goal is to give you some solid, concise, and technical guidance.

The author will deal with the three services: WordPress, MediaWiki, Request Tracker.

The article describes the process, how to consider one of industry accepted methodologies (Lift & Shift, Refactor, Rewrite), how to analyze architecture, security, and performance. You will get the links to further reading. Really good!

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