Six ways to create an amazing agile team

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The blog post by Kat Boogard for Atlassian on topic of building Agile team. Unfortunately, there’s no magic recipe, secret sauce, or tried-and-true formula to becoming a truly top-notch team.

However, there are some key strategies that can help you make your team an awesome one. The author recommends these:

  • Remember that patience is a virtue
  • Respond to change
  • Focus on results
  • Don’t miss the forest for the trees
  • Seek and use feedback

… and read the article to learn more. In addition to these tips, there are tools and add-ons that can help your agile team work like a dream.

Every member of the team needs to trust that others will hold up their ends of the bargain and get things done when and how they said they would do them.

Nice read!

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