Six layout myths busted

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An older article encapsulating thoughts by Jen Simmons on topic of six layout myth. Every website reaches for an identical 12-column symmetrical grid. Every site uses the same shapes and patterns over and over. And we are totally bored.

We should start asking ourselves what kind of page layout will best serve this project? How can we tap into a hundred years of graphic design practice to communicate through our layout? Our biggest challenge will be fighting the limitations of our imagination. We developed powerful habits over the last 10 years.

Author then considers these design myths for web development:

  • Myth 1: Everything must be a floating bar of soap
  • Myth 2: Rectangles; only rectangles
  • Myth 3: We can’t control the fold
  • Myth 4: 12 columns is the best
  • Myth 5: We have to use a layout framework
  • Myth 6: We are stuck in a rut because of RWD

Interesting read with clear message – if you can let go of these myths, your work will stand out. Visual exmaples includes. Great!

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