Setup vim for elixir development

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A guide by Amirali Esmaeili for developers programming in Elixir. As the title says, it’s not a topic about choosing suitable editor / IDE for elixir development, you love vim and ofcourse elixir and all you need is a simple guide get a nice, fast and productive environment for elixir development in vim.

Regardless of language you are coding in you need features listed below (and provided in this guide):

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Smart code completions
  • Go to definition and Find references
  • Hover docs
  • Real time diagnostics
  • Code formatter

To achieve all the above features author uses coc.nvim, a plugin which adds vscode like features to vim including a great Language Server support. coc.nvim is very powerful yet easy to setup and configure, you can use different plugins to achieve a productive development environment. Easy!

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