Scrum of scrums: how to succeed in 4 simple steps

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Scrum of Scrums is a technique used to scale Agile by dividing the groups into Agile teams of 5-10. Each daily scrum within a sub-team ends by designating one member as representative to participate in a daily meeting with ambassadors from other teams, called the Scrum of Scrums. This article provides some tips on how to succeed with Scrum of Scrums. By Sergio Fiorillo.

Everything is going swimmingly with Scrum and then one day, it is time to scale. Know here how to succeed when you start adding Scrum of Scrums meetings to the schedule. Understanding their purpose is the first step.

The article main focus is on:

  • Make sure everyone agrees on the purpose of the Scrum of Scrums
  • Avoid SoS mistakes by keeping an Agile mindset
  • Make sure the right questions are being asked
  • Choose your Scrum of Scrums representatives wisely

In an Agile environment, the Scrum of Scrums is one of the best scaling techniques that teams can adopt along with running scaled retrospectives. Good read!

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