Scala Toolkit makes Scala powerful straight out of the box

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Scala Toolkit is an ongoing effort by Scala Center and VirtusLab to compose a set of approachable libraries to solve everyday problems. These libraries will be made easily accessible as a precomposed package. This package will be available for each Scala release. By Szymon Rodziewicz.

We constructed the main measures from our adjusted variation of the Cognitive Dimensions Framework, where we looked at the cognitive cost and time required in interactions with the library. Alongside that, we measured a set of practical aspects of each library, including tests, responsiveness and availability of the maintainers; documentation; popularity; dependencies; dependencies stability; small size; API stability; versioning schema; and cross-platform support.

Note that Scala Toolkit does not intend to create libraries of its own. The goal is to work with the maintainers of existing, battle-tested libraries. Neither will we promote these libraries as universal solutions. We plan to allow users to use them easily while acknowledging that other libraries will be better suited in certain situations.

All libraries featured in the Toolkit will arrive with carefully prepared knowledge bases featuring well-structured practical information. In addition, all libraries will be available in one place, allowing the developers to find solutions and example snippets to solve their problems quickly. Nice one!

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