Running VMware Tanzu RabbitMQ on VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

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Whether you’re integrating multiple microservices or building a new streaming app, you’ll need a modern messaging and streaming service. RabbitMQ is one of the most popular open-source messaging and streaming brokers. By Yimeng Liu.

Tanzu RabbitMQ is a fast and dependable messaging and streaming system that supports a wide range of use cases, including reliable integration, content-based routing, global data delivery, high-volume monitoring and data ingestion. With Tanzu RabbitMQ for Kubernetes, developers can provision both the Tanzu RabbitMQ and the open-source RabbitMQ message brokers with simple commands on top of any Kubernetes cluster. The Operator works automatically with the Kubernetes runtime to maintain the desired cluster state.

The article is about:

  • What is Tanzu RabbitMQ?
  • Why Run Tanzu RabbitMQ on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid?
  • How to Deploy Tanzu RabbitMQ on TKG?
  • Tanzu RabbitMQ capabilities
  • Tanzu RabbitMQ observability
  • Performance

In this solution, we deployed Tanzu RabbitMQ clusters on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid that provides the simplified operation of servicing cloud native workloads and can scale without compromise. Running Tanzu RabbitMQ on Tanzu Kubernetes Grid provides self-service deployment with automated operations, full observability, and fast time to recovery; thus, the solution increases your business continuity and security in any environment. Nice one!

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