REST and Hypermedia and GraphQL and gRPC and Event-Driven

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An essay on about their drive to research API industry over the last couple of years in order to help people understand how they can invest in a diverse API toolbox. It should help you to develop the awareness they need to be successful in designing, developing, and delivering APIs at scale, for a variety of use cases.

Counteracting some of the more vendor focused storytelling in the space that works to confuse, distort, and shame folks for their approach to delivering APIs – providing a more pragmatic view of how we should doing APIs.

The article goes about:

  • REST is where you begin
  • Hypermedia reflects the web
  • Schema powered GraphQL
  • gRPC delivering performance
  • Event-driven approaches
  • Invest in your API Toolbox

gRPC excels at delivering digital resources at scale internally and in B2B environments. gRPC tends to take advantage of HTTP/2, and represents the evolution of the HTTP standard for many.

Doing APIs well takes experience. Being able to competently switch from technology to technology takes confidence, and an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of each solution. Nice read!

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