Remote work: How global teams collaborate across time zones

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Laura Heisman is an author of this article about how they have built and managed very successful global teams through the years and share some great insight on how to work with dispersed teams around the world.

Successfully managing a global team requires rock star leadership and strong communication skills, coupled with cultural awareness and empathy. It’s important to collaborate with your teams in ways that engage employees to work together as one team across multiple departments, languages, time zones, and cultures.

The article covers topics, like:

  • What best practices have worked well for you?
  • What is the impact of COVID-19 when it comes to remote working?
  • How do you work across different time zones and continents?
  • How do you work across different time zones and continents?
  • Any advice for new remote workers in similar functions to yours?

Plan your home office and your work-week, and be sure to leverage tools and technology available to accomplish this. It was also recommended that you have a divide between your ‘home’ and ‘office’. Good read!

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