Realizing the full potential of DevSecOps

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An article about four strategies to achieve a true DevSecOps culture. For federal agencies, achieving mission success increasingly hinges on modernizing legacy systems and transforming operations. By Phoebe Nerdahl

It’s no surprise that a growing number of government programs and IT departments are turning to DevSecOps software development methodologies and technologies to automate tool sets and centralize IT workflows. DevSecOps builds on the learnings and best practices of general DevOps, with the addition of security verification as an active, integrated part of the development process. When leveraged correctly, a DevSecOps approach delivers the agility and flexibility to speed up capabilities for citizens while streamlining redundant and time-consuming processes.

To support agency teams as they work to bridge this gap, author compiled a list of four recommendations that can enable agencies to realize the full potential of DevSecOps:

  • Develop cross-agency collaboration
  • Create open work environments
  • Provide training opportunities
  • Fuel repeatability and responsiveness

The four practices outlined here may take time to incorporate into your agency’s processes, but they will pay dividends. The result is a culture of trust and collaboration that adds value, transforms operations, and delivers mission success. You will alsop get links to further reading and amongst others to the Team Playbook - free workshop resources for addressing common team challenges and starting important conversations. Good advice!

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