Quick guide to microservices with Quarkus on Openshift

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Piotr Mińkowski wrote this article about one very interesting framework dedicated for microservices architecture, which is becoming increasing popular –- Quarkus.

It is being introduced as a next-generation Kubernetes/Openshift native Java framework. Built on top of well-known Java standards like CDI, JAX-RS and Eclipse MicroProfile which distinguishes it from Spring Boot.

The article describes:

  • Building REST-based application with input validation
  • Communication between microservices with RestClient
  • Exposing health checks (liveness, readiness)
  • Exposing OpenAPI/Swagger documentation
  • Running applications on the local machine with Quarkus Maven plugin
  • Testing with JUnit and RestAssured
  • Deploying and running Quarkus applications on Minishift using source-2-image

Also describes some different approaches when deploying Quarkus application on OpenShift. Very interesting!

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