Quantum computing: A key ally for meeting business objectives

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Quantum computing provides a new way of optimizing business processes with use cases spanning finance, logistics, telecommunications, and transport operations. An article by Reply, published on MIT technology review.

In the business world, the opportunities for applying quantum technology relate to optimization: solving difficult business problems, reconfiguring complex processes, and understanding correlations between seemingly disparate data sets. The main purpose of quantum computing is to carry out computationally costly operations in a very short period of time, while at the same time accelerating business performance.

Speed and computational power are key components when working with data. Quantum computing can optimize business processes for any number of solutions, for example maximizing cost/benefit ratios or optimizing financial assets, operations and logistics, and workforce management—usually delivering immediate financial gains.

The article then focuses on:

  • Quantum for finance optimization
  • Quantum for logistics: delivery and workforce optimization
  • Quantum for train platform optimization
  • Quantum for telecoms: network planning
  • Quantum computing: what’s next?

Quantum machine learning (QML) makes the most of the advantages of two current themes: quantum computing and machine learning. Although QML is still in its early stages, it nevertheless offers a whole new world of opportunities, combining the new knowledge provided by machine learning with the accelerated calculation potential and the enhanced accuracy of quantum calculations. Refreshing read!

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