Quantum computing explained (like you are a 5-year-old)

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Preethi Ranjit popular article dealing with what quantum computing is in simple terms. We now know that a quantum mechanics and computing combination exists and suddenly this is inside everybody’s scope of interest.

Qubits are represented using quantum particles like electrons and photons. While quantum particles possess properties like spin and polarization which can be used to represent data. For example, a qubit spinning upward can be 1 and downward 0.

The concept of Quantum Computing is one of the many uncharted territories of science by us non-scientific peeps. The author considers:

  • Traditional computers and bits
  • The limits of transistors
  • Dives into qubits, superposition and entanglement
  • Difficulties and uses of quantum computers

And much more. Plus interesting charts and images complement this article.

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